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Members Only Details:

  • There will only be 25 slots available.  

    • First round of open slots begins April 30th @ noon est. and end on May 3rd @ noon est.​

    • If all 25 slots do not fill up during the first round, slots will open back up on the 1st of every month until full. 

  • 2 unreleased scented beard oils per month 

    • Scents will not be sold to the public.  These will be exclusive members only scents

    • Scent profiles will be in the box, but not released. 

    • You may choose the same beard oil blends or two different blends.

      • Beard oil blends may be changed once every 3 months via email request.​

    • Members will have the option to buy a Dirty Snow, Hybrid or other Beard Oils in Members Only Scents at a discounted price after each month's release.

      • Scents will be available to purchase in Dirty Snow, Hybrid or Beard Oil for up to 60 days after the release. 

      • After 90 days of membership, members will get an exclusive percentage off code for all beard related products.

        • Discount will be 25% off  while you are still a member. No limits. 

        • Discount will only be good while you are a member.  If you cancel your membership, the discount will be terminated at that point

  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or products.   

  • Taxes are not included

  • This will be an Auto Renew Subscription. You may cancel at any time. 

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